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  1. Default Help with new rod decision

    I am looking for a 7'6"-8'6" 5wt. with a moderate action. I am looking to be under the $200 mark and that seems to be a tall order. Between these options what would you choose and why?

    TFO Finesse
    Redington CT
    Echo Carbon
    Cabelas PT+

    This will be an all around rod as far as flies, in an area with alot of smaller water. I guess the biggest thing I might tackle is a trip to the Big Thompson.


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    Default Re: Help with new rod decision

    Nick: Unless you are primarily fishing small brushy streams I would recommend you look at 8-9 ft rods. A 9 ft 5wt rod seems to be the standard all around rod. If you fish small brushy streams you will want something a little shorter. We have several members on the forum with TFO and Reddington rods. You might want to read this thread on TFO's return policy: Kudos for TFO Customer Support


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    Default Re: Help with new rod decision

    I'm with Larry on the rod length.

    I cannot comment on your choices of Echo and Cabelas rods.

    Many on the forum enjoy their TFO rods. It is hard to beat its customer service as Larry pointed out. The Finesse rods make for great dry fly rods. The moderate action makes for great presentation. The only thing that I dislike is that the rod does not come with a rod tube.

    The Redington CT rods have been getting a lot of rave reviews. Read BigCliff's post on it. I placed an opinion on the CT in that thread. I recently bought my girlfriend the 7'6" 3 weight for her birthday. After two weekends of fishing it, it is her favorite rod in her small quiver. Also, the rod comes with a sock and tube.


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    Default Re: Help with new rod decision

    I've cast both the Finesse and the CT rods. I was actually surprised by how fast the action was on the Finesse rods. I'd call it more of a medium-medium-fast action, while the CT is truly a classic medium action rod.

    As MP points out, you get a hard tube with the CT (one that's basically equivalent to a $300+ Sage Flight or Scott A3) and the build quality is at least as good as the TFO.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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    Default Re: Help with new rod decision

    I have read good things about all of the rods on your list, but the only one I have any actual experience with is the Redington CT.

    I picked up a 8'6" 5wt early in the spring and it has quickly become my #1 rod. Light, sensitive, and extremely smooth and easy casting rod. Definitely well worth the $130 I paid for it...and probably a good bit more.

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    Default Re: Help with new rod decision

    Hi Nick,

    If you go up to the Shopping menu at the top of the page and click on Marketplace you can buy the Redington CT with a rod case and free shipping. You will be helping to support the forum. The Classic Trout has an action that is really liked by many long time Trout Fishers.

    I don't know where you are fishing but Larry has given you good advise about the 9' 5wt rod. If it is going to be your only rod for a while and you don't fish really small streams, then I wouldn't go less than 8'6".


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