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chicagojohn 06-26-2011 08:45 PM

Capturing the Middle Market of Rod Buyers
It seems many people have taken advantage of discounted Z-Axis fly rods. This middle market of $400 - $500 is a difficult place to be in if you also sell lower priced rods and premium rods in the $700 range. Some companies like Winston have offered the GVX series rod without boron in this zone, which makes sense. Others like Hardy offer the Demon rods without the sintrix/nano-resin material, while St. Croix actually offers their premium rod, the Elite, in this specific category. What I don't understand about some of the rod manufacturers, especially Sage is this:

It isn't like the VXP is a Z-Axis without boron or nano-resin, in the case of the RL Winston B3X/B2X and GVX, and Hardy Demon versus Zenith with sintrix/nano-resin material. It just seems that other manufactures have definite reasons why each rod fits the price category it is in. What makes the VXP in this category better than the flight and worse than the Z-Axis? Why pay $150-$200 more or less?

Is there any merit to taking the discontinued premium series and selling it at a small discount in this price category? Sell the discontinued XP at $500 until the One replaces the Z-Axis, and then sell the Z-Axis at $500 in place of the XP. Do you think this would succeed more than the VT2 and VXP have in this product segment? Anyone have an opinion on this?

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