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Thread: Sage slt & zxl

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    Default Sage slt & zxl

    I have sage slt 5wt 9' ywhich is my favorite trout and warm fresh water fishing. It weighs 3.25 ounces. I am told that this zsl is such an improvement because, among other things, the new materials used in it make it lighter. Sage ad lists the 5wt 9' at 3 5/8 ounces (3.62). I do not understand why it is so much better.

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    Default Re: Sage slt & zxl

    Better is certainly a subjective term, especially with fly fishing equipment. Keep in mind the rod manufacturers are in the business for one reason. To make money and sell rods. They're always going to be looking at tweaks to the design and materials and make improvements to their gear. Sometimes folks generally agree that a line has been improved, others will swear that the previous version of a particular rod was the best. There are lots of anglers who prefer to fish and collect older models of fly rods.

    I own several rods that have been discontinued and have been or are being replaced by newer improved models. I can tell you this, you would have to pry these rods out of my cold dead hands to make me give them up.

    If your SLT is servicable and is your favorite as you say, hang on to it fish the heck out of it. On the other hand, if you want to put it aside to fish it on more select occasions, a ZXL is a fine fly rod in its own right.
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    Default Re: Sage slt & zxl

    Sage gives a weight of 3 5/16 ounces for a 9' 5wt ZXL (4-pc). They are nice rods, but the SLT is supposed to be nice as well. I haven't cast an SLT, but wouldn't see a reason to replace it with a ZXL, unless your SLT is a two piece and you wanted a 4 piece rod.

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