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Thread: question on a fly spin rod

  1. Default question on a fly spin rod

    It's a 8' 4 piece sport king cork handle u can switch the handle around to use a a spin reel or a fly reel wanted to know the price and date
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    Default Re: question on a fly spin rod

    What is the question?

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    Sport Kings were made for one of the mid-west department stores. It slips my mind right now which one.
    The rod is most likely from the late 50's and there's not a lot of collector's value. $40 tops in good condition.
    If it was fly only, it might be worth as much as $75-$100
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    Thanks for the info I bought it at a flea market for 5 dollars I heard it might have been montgomery rewards that sold them

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    Default Re: question on a fly spin rod

    That reminds me of a couple of Eagle Claw Pack Rods that I have from the 70's. I need to check them out since I've never even used one of them.

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