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  1. Question New Proud owner of South Bend hex bamboo24-9'

    Got lucky at the local auction tonight and found a South Bend hex bamboo24-9', HCH or C rod in a old banged up case. When I looked the rod was in nearly perfect condition. It was in the original green canvas with all 4 sections. I know I have a gem, but I have no idea what I have. I have been fishing with my dad's Shakespeare out-fit, that he bought back in the 40's, for over 40 years and that's my experience with fly tackle. I never thought I was happy with what I had, and never thought about replacing it, but I couldn't resist the bargain I found. Can anyone please give me the low-down on this rod? I have a new fiance' who would love to learn the art, and I'm not sure if I should fish this new rod, or sell it and buy a cheaper one for her to learn with.

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    While a 9' rod will be a bit heavy for all day fishing, the 24 is one of the higher end South Bend's and a good find.
    That model came in trout (23), bass (24) and "dry fly" (323) actions and in lengths from 8'- 9'6".
    The HCH designates the line weight to be a DT7
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    Thank you for your reply. I had no idea exactly what I had and hadn't been able to find out much about this very nice rod. I found this site and hoped someone here could help me find out more about it and just exactly what the history and other info of this work of art. Any more data would be greatly approx date of assembly, or other contact sites or places I could seek this info. Thanks again

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