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Thread: Winston B3x

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    Default Winston B3x

    I have the itch to get another flyrod although that is probably the last thing I need! I have a 5wt Winston B2MX (too fast), a Sage SLT (about right for me), and a Winston WT (too slow). I live in Texas but fish in Colorado and Montana. I really like the looks and feel of the Winston rods and was wondering how the new B3X fit in with the actions of the above rods.
    Thanks in advance for any input.

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    Default Re: Winston B3x

    If you get a chance, cast a B3x. It is a fine stick.

    You should find that it is not as fast as a B2Mx, but it is quicker than a Sage SLT.


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    Default Re: Winston B3x

    If I didnt already own a bIIx I would have purchased a bIIIx....they seemed to have smoothed out the "tippy" action of the bIIx (still a favorite of course).

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    Default Re: Winston B3x

    Hello, I live in north Dallas area. I have Winston b2x and like it very much. Maybe you already know, but I am going to share with you anyway. If you want to try Biiix there is a fly shop in downtown Dallas called Tailwater Fly shop. They will let you cast it. I just wiggled Biiix the other day and it seems stiffer and gives me the similar feel to Sage ZXL. Since I am more of a supple fly rod guy, BIIIX is off my radar.

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