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  1. Default St Croix Premier Fly Rod & Sage 1201 Reel 4 Pc (6 Wt)

    I want to say hello to everybody (just registered)
    And my first question is:
    ST CROIX PREMIER FLY ROD & SAGE 1201 REEL 4 PC (6 WT) combo for a newbie
    to start and learn with for a $ 159?? Is it a good choice?
    Thank you

  2. Default Re: St Croix Premier Fly Rod & Sage 1201 Reel 4 Pc (6 Wt)

    Hello tangle:
    Welcome to the forum and thanks for joining.

    Your outfit is an excellent choice to learn with and it should serve you well for years to come.

  3. Default Re: St Croix Premier Fly Rod & Sage 1201 Reel 4 Pc (6 Wt)

    Sounds great.......but consider dropping a 5wt line in the reel. especially for a trouter rig. I like to go as light as I can.........i have even gone to a 3wt. but that's not feasible with yur combination. The combo sounds like a good deal....cast long and fish often.

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