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    Default First timer: Help choosing Rod 8wt?


    I'm a first time poster here, but a long time reader. I was wondering if someone could help me out choosing the right rod for multi species that I fish.

    I am currently looking for a Steelhead, Salmon, and Bass Fly Rod. What I have found is everyone says get a 9' 8wt for salmon & steelhead. With a Mod. Fast action for a beginner. I am leaning towards a Ross Essence FS 790-4. What are your thoughts?

    Does anyone have any experience with a 8-weight 3-1/2-oz. Orvis Western Series fly rod? Here's the ebay item number: 250889352068 to check it out. Would it be a good buy for a beginner?

    All feedback is much appreciated.
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    I'd do an 8 weight in this case. You might be a little light for Salmon, but otherwise your in good shape. It will do saltwater well too.

    I can't tell you much about either of the rods you mentioned, but I would lean toward faster action. Someone else on these forums recently put it well. Feeling the rod load doesn't have to mean that you are putting a deep bend into it. Typically, fast rods have a bit softer tips, and they can communicate the cast very well.

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    Default Re: First timer: Help choosing Rod 8wt?

    As a beginner, as you describe yourself, you would do VERY well to find a fly shop or a friend that has the capacity to let you cast some rods before you buy. There's a world of difference in rod actions out there, and its always a pretty good strategy to decide this kind of thing for yourself with rods you've cast, rather than letting all of us internet experts do for it for you (lol).

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    Default Re: First timer: Help choosing Rod 8wt?

    Unfortunately, the "right" rod is usually the one your most comfortable with casting, and we can all cast the same rod, and have different opinions about it.

    I also have no experience with that Orvis rod, but if you can get it at a decent price, it would be worth at least trying it out! That's not some cheap no name fly rod, made in China!

    But, I certainly agree with ddombos2, an 8 wt should be a fine choice for a general purpose rod for the species you've mentioned! As far as actions being fast or moderately fast, you can cast two different rods from different makers that use these designations & sometimes find there's little difference. There's no real standard, and the only true way to tell is to use the rod.

    Good luck with your search!

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    Default Re: First timer: Help choosing Rod 8wt?

    Thanks guys I will try out some 8 wt rods. I really haven't got my hands on any rods yet, but I plan on checking some out tomorrow. Where I live the salmon run is just around the corner. They usually start running heavy late September early October, so I have a little bit of time.

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