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    Default personal experience and/or opinion on any these?

    i am currently looking to replace my Allen Nano ti 5wt and have narrowed my search down to a Sage Vantage 9ft 5wt, Winston Passport 9ft 5wt and the Reddington CT 9ft 5wt. i have casted many of the 5wt's offered in my price range of up to $250ish. Any of you had any personal experience with any of these rods? The rod will be used for presenting dry flies to trout and will be paired with an Argentina made Orvis Presentation reel. Your input would be very helpful.

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    Default Re: personal experience and/or opinion on any these?

    I'm sending you a link to an Orvis PM-10 Silver Label 9' 5 weight 2 Pc. rod that is currently on sale. If you don't mind a 2 Pc. rod this will go pretty reasonable and is a good rod. I have one of the original PM-10 5 weights and it's a fine rod.

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    Default Re: personal experience and/or opinion on any these?

    Go with the Orvis if you can get it! Otherwise my vote goes with the Redington; very impressive rods for less money (made in Korea I believe).

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    Default Re: personal experience and/or opinion on any these?

    The three rods that you have listed all have different personalities to them. Matching the personality of the rod to you will be key. Here is how I look at your options.

    Sage Vantage - Sage borrowed some technology from its high end G5 rods. This allowed the rod blank to be lightened without sacrificing performance. The medium fast action give the rod some predictablility. It will cast well close in and at mid distances well as long as it is not overpowered. Accuracy is not so great past 50 feet. The person who wants this rod will be wanting to fish a variety of flies.

    Winston Passport - This rod has a quicker feel than the Vantage. This feel allows one to gain more line speed which can add more distance to the cast and help out in wind. What is interesting is that the Passport can throw just as well as a Vantage close in and at mid distances, but it has a bit more accuracy longer than 50 feet. This is a rod for a person who wants to throw a bit of everything, but he may prefer the quicker action.

    Redington CT - Redington designed this rod to have the feel of an old school dry fly rod. It has an action that bends further down into the blank. Because of that, a dry fly cast rolls out a tad more open than tight. This open loop presents dry flies much more gently. The CT is a very easy going rod. If one has the stroke to match it, then this rod is for him.


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    Default Re: personal experience and/or opinion on any these?

    My vote would be with the Passport...


  6. Default Re: personal experience and/or opinion on any these?

    I would also check out Greys if they are in your area.

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    Default Re: personal experience and/or opinion on any these?

    The "Presentaion" built in Junine de los Andes is a good reel circa mid 1980's. Keep it lubed with light oil, it can gum-up with grease. Your inquiry is too price-point based. Explain what it is you don't like about your current #5 and what it is you are looking for in its mid-priced replacement and you will obtain more focused recomendations.

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    Default Re: personal experience and/or opinion on any these?

    I also sent you a link....

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