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Thread: Sage Fli vs. Echo and others

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    Steve Robbins: I LOVE that Echo!

    Thank you for recommending the Echo and the 4 wt. I was worried that it might be too soft to cast the bass flys and bugs, but that was unfounded. I just received the Echo I that you send me today and took it out to a local pond and had a ball!

    I think that Echo casts at least as well as the Sage Fli for half the price. This is a great forum, and I've become a long time Full Creel customer.


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    I'm new to this site, but have experience with 3-5 wt rods. I've used and owned Scott STS's, Sage XP's, Loomis GLX and Winston BII X's. The rods named are expensive and all cast well. Depending on the line your tossing and how big the bugs are on the end of that line mean alot as to how the rod will react. Wind plays a large role in the smaller weight rods too.

    Recently, I had the fortune to cast a TFO TiCrX 5 wt at a local fly shop. WOW!!! This baby felt, casted and pitched loops like nobody's business. I tried the Rio Gold line and Rio Nymph line. After that parking lot session, I began selling off some of my high end rods on Ebay to make room for ( and regain some money ) for some TiCrX's and an Axiom. I was at the fly shop last night and tried the 4wt TiCRX because I just had to! Gonna get one of those also.
    For the money- a TFO TiCrX @ $224.95 is an awesome price for a rod that behaves like it's super expensive cousins @ $500 and up!
    Try one on for size and see how it feels before you spend too much!

    Best of luck in your 4wt search!

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    I think the Echo looks better than the TFO. Some anglers dismiss the importance of rod looks, but I don't. Also, I don't think the TFO comes without a case.

    I just bought an Echo spey rod and I love it. My only concern: if the rod breaks down the road will Echo still be there to replace it?


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    A few months ago i went to a shop and cast the tfo and an echo II with a 6wt wonderline---i spent about an hour switching back and forth and the felt rods were similar---the tfo was nice but seemed to poop out on a long cast whereas the echo still had some drive at the end of the same length of line and turned over a 9ft leader too---for me, the echo fit my style better and i liked the extra power so i bought it---after an hour of instruction , i got my daughter to throw some 12" high loops with a 7 wt line since she doesnt have the arm strength to overload it. Blitzing white bass on crease flies saturday in the detroit river til your arms get sore!
    "something is happening here but i dont know what it is"---dylan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fish Bones View Post
    I've not yet cast the Sage Fli so I can't realy make a fair comparison there. However, I can say that I like how the Echo casts much better that the TFO Professional Series. The Echo seams smoother to me. I just like the way they feel.

    They're all three fine rods and you'll be safe with which ever you choose.
    I know the TFO and FLI are made in the Orient (the tfo's blank is made their, and the rod is made their as well), what about the Echo? Is the blank made overseas but then the rod built in the US? Or are both the blank and rod made in the US? As patriotic Americans I think it is our responsibility to buy as much American as possible, those are American jobs!!!!!!

    This isnt a jab at TFO, I have met Rick Pope many times and he is one of the nicest people I know, and the Deer Creek Spey rod, for me as an intermediate caster casts better than Sage Z axis rods twice as expensive. It isnt until I cast a $800 CND that I find a rod that casts better than the Deer creek at $350.

    But if a rod costs no more than $100 more, I think it is important to support those American Jobs!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tlcrep View Post
    I know the TFO and FLI are made in the Orient.....
    My sources assure me that all Sage rods are made in the USA. Having said
    that, I didn't like the FLi I briefly owned....

    I came across an interview with the VP of Sales at Sage, and he was
    discussing "home wrappers": people who wrap Sage blanks at their own homes, and then send them back to Sage. 20 out of 150 employees
    are home wrappers: Sage Fly Rods -- Marc Bale interview
    There's also an interesting discussion about warranty costs in that interview, and the unfair premium it places on people who
    don't break their rods.

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