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  1. Default Difference betw Salt and fresh water rods

    I've seen Scott 4 and 5 wt rods that offer two grips. This may be a stupid question, but what is the difference? Is one for salt and one for fresh, and why are they different?

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    Default Re: Difference betw Salt and fresh water rods

    Grips are designed with application in mind and weight of rod. A very light weight rod may have a cigar grip with rings to hold the reel. The cigar shape is streamlined and presents the look of light weight and may save a 1/2 oz. I don't particularly like a cigar grip. The most common grip is the Full Wells or the Half Wells. Rods intended for big fish and long cast usually have a Full Wells grip. I like the Full Wells or the Reverse Half Wells. Medium weight rods usually have a Half Wells or Reverse Half Wells. Most salt water rods have the Full Wells because you are fishing for big fish and making long cast. You can find medium weight rods with a Half Wells or a Full Wells based on the purpose or weight of the rod. You will see a manufacturer building more than one 9' 6 weight rod that may weigh different weights. The lighter rod may be for trout or if someone was fishing Alaska, they may want a 6 weight for big trout and salmon. In one case the rod will have a Half Wells and in the other it will have a Full Wells. The heavier 6 weight may even have a fighting butt. Grips are a personal choice and I think the manufacturer is just trying to offer what they think is wanted by their customers.

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    Thanks, Frank!


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