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  1. Default Another question about a rod for the new guy.

    I'm looking for a 5 wt rod to fish some local creeks for panfish and bass. I'm looking to spend around $300. I already have an 8wt 9ft Bass Pro Shops rod and reel for flats fishing on the Florida panhandle. That was the rod I learned to cast with, and I do fine enough that my flyfishing teacher says he doesen't need to give me any more individual attention. He has brought some of his rods to class and I have cast a couple of his 8wt Orvis rods(t3 midflex 7.5, Orvis Trident, and another I can't recall the name of). I have also cast my bosses St. Croix Imperial 5 wt. The st. Croix was too soft, and the Orvis T3 was heaven. When I pick up a rod I haven't used before, it takes me a couple of casts to get the feel of it. But that t3 felt like an extension of my arm. Its softer than my BPS, but I don't think I could make a bad cast with it if I tried.

    I know from talking to my instructor, that I will need a rod around 8ft for the creeks I will be fishing (wading). My question is this: based on what I have told you about my experience with the t3, what rods would you recommend I look at if I were to walk into a fly shop? Thing is, I may not be able to make it to one before I buy. I live in Alabama (would have to drive to Georgia to find the nearest shop), and I have already commited the coming weekend to family. The final class will be in a week or so, and I would like to have my own rod and reel by that time.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated...

  2. Default Re: Another question about a rod for the new guy.

    Couldn't find the edit button...
    This rod would also need to be available in 4 pieces as I will be packing it in to some of the creeks I'm going to.

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    Since you seem to be a fan of the O you might want to look at this rod.
    TLS Power Matrix 865-4 mid-flex 7.0 $315.00
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    Default Re: Another question about a rod for the new guy.

    I would order this Echo 4wt fly rod fly fishing gear and take advantage of the 21 day test drive program if you don't like it. Or if you want something stiffer and fancier, these would be a good option- St. Croix Legend Ultra Fly Rod fly fishing gear same test drive program applies.

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  5. Default Re: Another question about a rod for the new guy.

    Thanks folks! How do you feel about the Winston Vapors? They have a 5 wt 7'6" at the Full Creel also. I've heard Winstons are actually more of a moderate action rod even though they advertise as a fast action.

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    Default Re: Another question about a rod for the new guy.

    The rods Winston is most famous for, their WT series are definitely more of a medium action than what is most popular right now. Their LT series are a bit faster, but still slower than many. I think the Vapor series is a pretty stiff rod, and also looks quite different from Winston's more expensive rods.

    You might create a thread based on something like "Winston Vapor: advise for a potential owner?" or something like that to attract attention of those who have cast/fished/owned one.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

  7. Default Re: Another question about a rod for the new guy.

    I posted in another thread last week offering opinions on the Vapor to someone who was looking at a Sage Fli. The Vapor is in my opinion a medium to medium slow action compared to the range of products available in the market despite Winston's description. I own and have spent time fishing the Vapor in 486-4 and 590-4. They are mid to full flex with soft tips. I'm starting to believe that most series of rods have a sweetspot where a particular weight and size are ideal for the taper. Please note that I prefer a slower softer rod so my evaluation is based on realistic expectations from that kind of taper.

    The 590 is just OK in my opinion. I would probably prefer something with a little more power for throwing weighted nymph rigs, strike indicators, streamers, and medium sized bass bugs. I have a seven weight for the heavier bass bugs but I prefer to fish with the lightest gear I can while still managing the flies and targeted fish. This rod is very well suited for a slower casting rythym and dry fly presentation at short to moderate distance. It is a pleasure to fight smaller fish up to 4lbs with. Where it breaks down is trying to push weighted or wind resistant flys in wind. It also doesn't have the backbone to control and redirect larger, stronger fish. I am guessing that the 7'6" 5wt. could have a very different personality.

    The 486 really shines for me. It's slightly shorter length provides a stiffer action and great balance. I call on it for panfish, small bass, and trout in smaller water. I can get by nymphing with it but if that were the majority of my fishing, I would choose another tool.

    As to quality, materials, fit and finish... The reel seats and handles are fine for the price. Make sure you like the tapered cigar grips. I do but it's all preference. Ferule and guides are all straight and well wraped and sealed. The 4 weight is nearly perfect but the 5 weight has a noticable scoliosis at the tip that I may have them address at some point.

    I hope this helps.

  8. Default Re: Another question about a rod for the new guy.

    I have the tip flex T3 and the mid flex Zero Gravity, plus a few Power Matrix.
    I am going outside the box however on this one and agree with Cliff on the ECHO. A friend had one so, I was able to check it out. It will be very, very, close to the feel of the T3 mid flex.
    I am going to offer one more. McFarland. Yes I know it is a name associated with OUTSTANDING GLASS! but he also makes some of the sweeeetest graphite I have ever seen and cast.
    I told him I liked the fill of the Loomis GLX, so he sends me his GTX.....OH MY! A little more added to his tips then Loomis but, it makes all the difference in the world.

    It is a beautigul green (like Winston) and he makes all his own hard ware.
    He also sells blanks and all the fixings. McFarland Rod Company

  9. Default Re: Another question about a rod for the new guy.

    That reel seat is beautiful Joni.

    I don't see that series on the site though. I see Vintage, Evo, XPT, Spey, and Small Stream.

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    Default Re: Another question about a rod for the new guy.

    Wanna buy a 5w Orvis Power Matrix? I have a tip flex 4pc I'm selling. I haven't used it that much. Warranty is intact and good for 25 years.
    I'm going to order a custom McFarland GTX ($600+ with the stuff I want get on it) so I have to sell a couple rods to pay for it. (Also selling an older Scott Eclipse 8' 3w 2pc)
    I'll sell the Orvis for $250 + shipping. Rod case included of coarse.
    Email me if you're interested.
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