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  1. Default G.Loomis Metolius HLS 5#

    I have been offered a G. Loomis Metolius, for about the same price as a Sage Fli, (both 5 weights). I'm leaning toward the Metolius as I think it may be more suited to dry fly fishing, (presentation). However, I haven't cast either rod and was hoping for some feedback.


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    I have cast both, and you would probably be happy with either. Nice rods. The Metolius might have a slight edge for presentation, but depends on your casting stroke. I personally like the look of the new Loomis rods. I tested the Metolius and the GLX side by side looking for a 4 piece 6 weight to take to Alaska in September. Ended up buying the GLX (was really hoping I would prefer the cheaper rod) because of the combination of power and finesse. It was a windy day and I could punch the line out with more authority with the GLX and still felt like I had excellent control. On the other end of the spectrum, bought a Powell Tiboron new off ebay this summer in 5 weight (no guarantee, but $400 less than list) to use for tailwater fishing. This rod is a rocket-launcher, but still progressive and smooth-- I was very pleasantly surprised, and would recommend it if you like fast rods, particularly for what they are selling for: $300 w/warantee from Sierra Outpost, $150-200 ebay w/o warrantee ($600 from Powell). I really liked the Metolius, though and would like to have a 3 weight to use for the little mountain streams here in NM. Cheers, MC

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