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    Default New (used) Rod Came Today!

    I picked up a used Winston Vapor 9 ft 4 wt from ebay and it came in today. I took it in the back an was throwing 45 to 50 ft pretty easy (reel has WF5F) which is pretty good for me. I like the rod, it is in pristeen condition, as a mater of fact the reel seat didn't even have a mark on it. The guy selling said he broke it on his first trip and winston repaired it, but it looks like they replaced it to me. I know I don't get the warranty but for $140 bucks I think I am OK. I do have the option of trading this rod in ($175) at shop, could possibly pick up a Sage Vantage or maybe a St Croix Legend Ultra with warranty cards for a few bucks on top. decisions, decisions. I know this is a lower level rod, but it is a step up for me. Opinions welcomed.


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    Default Re: New (used) Rod Came Today!

    Keep it! You will get many good years with it.

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    Default Re: New (used) Rod Came Today!

    The lower end Winston would be the passport not the Vapor. The Vapor will cast longer with more accuracy then the Vantage which is a medium-fast action rod and the Vapor is a fast action and you paid less then half of new price for the rod. Your option about trading might change if you went and casted the Vantage. Overall IMO I think you got a good deal, good fishing.

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    That rod would be a huge step up for me. That's more than i can afford. You did well sir. Congradulations.

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    Default Re: New (used) Rod Came Today!

    Before trading look into its characteristics......... is it a rod that has a tendency to break that you've got. If not, and you don't have a tendency to walk with your tip down. Have fun with it, and think of the $ saved.

    ...... pc

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