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  1. Default GLoomis GL2 vs. Sage Launch

    First off - hello to all - this is my first post - been reading posts for some time and seems like a good place to get some information and share thoughts.

    My question is about entry to mid-level priced rods. I am looking for an 8'6" 5wt to replace my current rod - 2 rods/names I have been reading about are the Sage Launch and Loomis GL2 - where you can still find them.

    Can anyone speak of preformance of these 2? Are they similar in any way, beside price? It looks on paper (to me) that these match up pretty well. I would think the Loomis GL3 and the FLi would also match up - I have heard quite alot of good talk about the GL3 but not much around on the GL2. The Fly shop in State College, PA - Flyfisherman Paradise speak highly of the GL3.

    If there is any input anyone can share - it would be great. thanks...

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    Default Re: GLoomis GL2 vs. Sage Launch

    I have actually never cast either rod, though with what raves i've heard about the Launch rods, I'm suprised to hear that the price of the GL2's is so close, given that I've heard rather different opintions of them.

    Last I knew, the GL2's were only available in 2 piece, and I would strongly recommend going with the 4 pc version. You may not need the portability of it often, but you'll end up being glad you spent the addt'l $20-30 on the 4 pc rod.

    You'd be best off going to that shop, and saying you'd like their help picking out the best rod for you. Even if you're just getting started, they should be able to analyze your casting stroke, and help you select one that is right for you.

    While picking the rod that suits you is the priority, I can tell you from experience that the warranty procedures for Sage and Loomis are quite different. With Sage you pay for only shipping, with Loomis it will run you $45 plus shipping at least one direction. The advantage with Loomis is faster turnaround and their ability to get it to remote locations. (read: at the lodge in Alaska/Belize/etc)

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  3. Default Re: GLoomis GL2 vs. Sage Launch

    I would personally recommend the Launch. Having fished that exact rod you are speaking of, I can say it is a great one. I absolutely hated the Launch in a nine footer but the 8.5 is sweet.

    But then again, the bottom line is what you like best. Try them both out and then make a decision based on your taste.
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