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    I purchased a 3 weight three forks combo from cabelas about 2 months thanks to comments on this forum and i love it for the price. Now, it being summer, i look to try and catch some shoal bass and upgrade to a 5 wt for some bigger trout and an all around rod as well. I want to spend my money slowly however (i already have a 5 weight rod but no reel) so i am looking to purchase a new reel and eventually a nice rod. I am looking for a reel that won't bust my wallet but I would like to have a nice warranty on this reel or have it be reliable. I was thinking along the lines of a orvis battenkill or lamson radius. Any advice or comments on what to get? IF you know of any deals out there right now let me know. Thanks!

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    I have a Battenkill mid arbor and love it on my 4 wt. I would recomend it. for the price, it is good.

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    Or check out Vosseler reels. They are real light and could be nice on a 3wt.

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    Theres lots of resonable stuff out there, Teton makes good sturdy reels, very reasonably priced as does G-Loomis. Some of my most trusty gear is not over the top in price, Ross, Sage, Okuma, Teton, are all brands ive tried and was satisfied with each. If your fighting powerful fish especialy in fast water its best not to scrimp on your gear, rod, reel or line. Quality made gear is available at all prices by most manufactuers and most will stand behind their name. whichever you choose, maintenance is most important, rinse your reals out after each use and oil frequently.
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