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    Default Re: Single foot guides Vs. Snake guides...

    Quote Originally Posted by pegboy1 View Post
    Had a big salmon this fall tie a knot around my single foot with loose fly line on its initial run. It ended up fine, but this wouldnt have happened with the snakes.
    That's the first concrete thing in the whole argument. As I had said, I have made them with both, never had a problem with either, but this is an actual real measurable difference. It's never happened to me so far, but I'd hate to loose a big fish over a guide.

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    Default Re: Single foot guides Vs. Snake guides...

    It ended up fine, but this wouldn't have happened with the snakes
    Pegoy how did you determine this outcome? My knowledge of rod building is minimal. I do know that with the new deigns available today mainly the Fuji Lowriders that the durability and profile has cured the line slap and possibility of line wrap. I would think that the height of the eyelet and designs available today would help in eliminating any issues. As far as durability I think BVK uses a Fuji flex guide. Maybe the same stuff that is used in the new eyeglass frames?
    As far as drag I would think a ceramic insert would offer less Resistance over plain wire.

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    Default Re: Single foot guides Vs. Snake guides...

    Another contensious issue as mentioned some like Single Foot,others prefer Snakes,the extra Binding & Coating does add weight as well as Stiffens The Rod Blank,However The Tungsten Carbide & Ceramic Inserts are also heavier,so really it's up to what you want to use as Dan has said he uses both.

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    Default Re: Single foot guides Vs. Snake guides...

    There's no cut and dry to anything. I like to try to weigh the pros and cons with purchases like this.
    Especially with advice from the experience and knowledge members of this forum. Thanks everyone!

    I went ahead and bought the Myth rod from Allen Flyfishing.
    When I use it, over time, I'll be able to see how it works out for myself.

    There never seems to be enough time to do the things you want to do once you find them.
    -Jim Croce-

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