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  1. Default Broke my Bass Pro Rod

    Hey Guys

    I'm new here and I'm fairly new to fly fishing.

    Lately I've been fishing for carp in a local creek and having a blast, anyways... I broke my 8wt hobbs creek white river fly rod and thats what I was using.

    I have a 5wt temple fork but have been saving that for trout fishing and now I want to get something versatile but also with a life time warranty, and something that I can use for carp, bass and possibly the odd pike.

    I think the 8wt was perfect, but its well, busted.

    Anyone want to lead me int he right direction, the guide I go out with is always pushing the temple fork rods as great bang for your buck.

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    Default Re: Broke my Bass Pro Rod

    Hi lindmar,

    The TFO rods are a great rod for the money with a lifetime warranty for original owner. Take a look at the TiCr 8' at $209. This rod should do the job. The 8 weight has the fighting butt with a as shown below.

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    thanks Frank,

    I am thinking of another TFO rod,

    Do other rods carry lifetime warrantys as well?

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    Default Re: Broke my Bass Pro Rod


    Yes, many rods have life time warranties. Not all of the less costly rods carry the life time warranties. Go to the Home page and look at the sponsors on the left side. Click on "The Full Creel". They carry TFO and Echo rods. I don't know about the warranty on the Echo.


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