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  1. Default Help identifying: Gold Coast Rod?

    Our family inherited several fishing rods from my uncle a few years ago. One of them is a fly rod that only says "Gold Coast Glass Rods" on it. Its about 8 foot, looks like its got some years on it as well. Does anyone have any info on this? The internet hasn't pulled up anything on this rod, so don't know if Gold Coast is the company, the model, or if my uncle stole it from some Gold Coast rental company. I've been getting the itch to pick up fly fishing again after many years and only have a old cheap POS that I picked up from Kmart, so was wondering if this other rod might be half decent and worth matching to a new reel. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Help identifying: Gold Coast Rod?

    Regardless of who made it, and this is purely my opinion, stick a reel on it, see how it casts, and see if you like it. if it is the same weight as your kmart rod, use that reel to see how it casts. If you do like it, then cool, use it, if you don't, then you can either stick it on the wall, put it in the garage or get rid of it on craigs list or ebay - that is the only time you really need to know what it is worth to someone else.

    Again, this is just my opinion, and I am not one of those guys that has to have a "name brand" several hundred dollar rod or reel to go fishing with.

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    Default Re: Help identifying: Gold Coast Rod?

    I've never heard of Gold Coast Glass. It could be that it is a rebranded rod from a major manufracturer, but I suspect that it's nothing special.
    An easy way to tell if you have a quality glass rod is to count the guides. A quality rod will have at least the same number of guides (not counting the tip-top) as it is feet long.
    Lesser quality rods skimped in this
    A glass rod of 8' is most likely a 6wt.
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    Default Re: Help identifying: Gold Coast Rod?

    There you have it: if Rip Tide does not know who made the rod I don't know who would. I agree with both of your replies here, give it a try and see how you like it.

    Welcome to the forum, if you do try it out let us know how it works.


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  5. Default Re: Help identifying: Gold Coast Rod?

    Hooked it up with my old crappy reel. Rod seemed to be half decent, but the 20 year old line didn't help much. Think I'll try to find a better reel and some fresh line and see how it does. Thanks for the input.

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    Default Re: Help identifying: Gold Coast Rod?

    Back in the early 1960's, I seem to remember that the local Western Auto store sold Gold Coast Rods. Not positive, but pretty sure about the name.

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    Wouldn't surprise me if its that old. Hasn't seen much use though.

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