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    Default Common Cents Sytems, who is using it?

    I posted this in the general section but maybe it belongs here instead.

    I have tested a few rods with this system and most were close or within a line weight, but and 8wt rod I tested is turning out to be a 10wt according to the scale.

    Is anyone using this method to determine proper line weight? What kind of results are you seeing if so?


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    Default Re: Common Cents Sytems, who is using it?

    Personally I have tried different rods and I use the ones I like. I don’t really get caught up in all of that. I know some people worry about that, reel weight etc. I am not one of those people…….

    Just like I don't bother with learning the latin names of bugs

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    Default Re: Common Cents Sytems, who is using it?

    The CCS system sort of thing goes out the window depending on your casting/fishing. If you intend to toss 20 feet of line on a Sage TCX, you might have
    chosen the wrong rod. However, if you're fishing demands throwing line at targets 50-60 feet (and even further), the 6wt TCX will begin to come into its element, where a soft 6wt rod would require more skill, or perhaps still not handle the long length of line.

    I would have to agree with Sasha. I classify rods according to good or bad, and that's determined by the type of fishing I'm doing. You could analyze your rods from tip to butt, but a trip to the stream is much more revealing IMO.

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