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    Sooner or later this summer I'm going to treat myself to a new rod. Although I haven't fully researched different rods yet, I'm leaning quite heavily towards the TFO Lefty Signiture or Professional series as I've read plenty of very positive reviews. The question is this: What's the primary difference between these two different sets of rods? I'm looking at the 6wt. Is it just a 2pc vs. a 4pc question or what?

    I can't seem to access their website right this second so I'm not sure what else if anything is different. As I live in North Central TX, this rod will be primarily used for Large Mouth Bass. Eventually I'll purchase a lighter 3-5 wt rod for crappie and other panfish.

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    I believe the Finesse is more of a traditional flex while the Pro is a faster adtion. I know the Finesse can be had in 2 and 4 piece. I have the Finesse in 3wt and love it. I've casted 4, and 8 weight Pros and like them too. You should cast both to get an idea of what is going to work for you.

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    Ok thanks. That is the plan, to try out both rods as well as some others.

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    Hi Matttrick,

    You should also give the TiCr a try. A little faster action than the Professional. The 6 weight is available in a fighting butt and a standard butt.

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    What about the TiCr X? My understanding is that the Pro is a moderate fast action rod, while the TiCr is a little faster and the TiCr X is even faster. I'm not sure I want a really fast action rod, but then I haven't had a chance to cast any of these yet.

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    you originally asked about the signature vs professional series. the finesse is another series altogether. one of the latest offered. i might guess the finesse is the more moderate or medium actioned, followed by the 2 piece signature, then the professional series. i have a TFO 9' 5wt Professional rod. it's a fine rod for the price. the hardware is not my style anymore, i find it a bit "cheap" feeling but that's me. it'll catch fish like many others.

    fresno, ca.

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    You are absolutely right. My mistake for throwing the Finesse in the mix. Though it's worth looking at IMO.

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    This is a little off topic from my orginal question, but have any of you cast a 3 or 4 wt Finesse? I've noticed that a couple of people on this board really like their 5 wts. In the future I might well consider something lighter for Panfish.

    As for my orginal question, I'm gonna try a get hold of a 6wt Pro and a 6wt TiCr, both 9 ft. I may also look into an echo rod, I'm not sure just yet. I'd like to keep it in the $150-250 price range. For that, are there any other outstanding rods I might want to see about?

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    I have the 7'9" 3wt finesse in 4 piece. It's all the panfish rod I'll ever need. I have not a single complaint. It handles small dries wonderfully, casts small to medium sized poppers and streamers well and even a small clouser or two. it also has surprising distance casting capability for being a shorter lightweight and roll casts great. Someone who likes only fast stiff rods would probably not be happy with it but that's not what I want out of a 3wt.

    In addition to the rods you've mentioned, the Sage Launch gets good reviews in that price range. I have never cast one so I can't offer an opinion.

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    yes, the finesse 7'9" 3wt has caught my eye, from reading reports. and i like the idea of a four pice olive colored blank. i just wish they offered that version as a blank only purchase so i could build it with my chosen components. seems to me it would make a nice small stream trout rod as well.

    my apologies zerolimit. i hope my correction wasn't rude.

    by the way, i just tried largemouth bass fishing for the first time a couple of months ago. whooooo WEEEEE. that was FUN. fished from a float tube on a private lake in april and used a 7wt dark blue blank i wrapped up myself.

    mattrick, you might consider looking into wrapping your own rods. the quality of components available, and the combnations increase exponentially, plus once the basic tools are acquired, the rods can be made relatively cheaply.

    fresno, ca.

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