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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly2Fish View Post
    Has anyone had any experience with this indoor practice fly rod? I'm thinking of one for teaching my wife the basics of fly rod casting.
    I've had a MPR for about a month now. I had used an old fiberglass rod tip strung with yarn and had intended to build it up with a nice cork grip and new tip-top. But, as we all know, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. I opted to purchase a MPR instead.

    The MPR is a two piece rod, approximately four feet in length. It has a hard, composite-foam grip, and is strung with nylon cord. The cord's finish is somewhat rough which allows a caster to simulate the surface tension between the water and the line. If you cast the line in a carpeted room, you can simulate enough surface tension to practice roll casts. There is approximately five yards of "line" and "leader." The leader is thick red yarn.

    Echo states that the "action of the MPR and the weight of the line are closely matched in order to imitate, as closely as possible, the feel of a full sized fly rod." I would agree with this statement. If you apply the same principles and actions that you would use to create tight loops with a full-sized rod, you will cast tight loops when you apply those same actions to the MPR. Similarly, if you make mistakes with the MPR, you can create wind knots, pile line up at your feet, and cast big wide loops.

    I keep mine by the desk in my office and manage to "squeeze in" several practice casts throughout the day. It's fun to use as well.

    I wouldn't place this into the "must have" category. It isn't too tremendously expensive, though. It would probably fall into the "nice to have" or "fun to have" category. I've certainly purchased more expensive items that I thought would fall into the "must have" category, many of those must have items are collecting dust or have been sold for pennies on the dollar. I use the MPR every day; in that sense it has been worth it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fly2Fish View Post
    Good idea, Frank. But would you use regular line? From viewing the pictures in the link Aztec Angler provided, it looks like the Echo uses some sort of yarn as practice fly line. That also sounds like what Keebranch said about his use of the similar Joan Wulff Fly-O practice fly rod.
    I would use yarn for the slow motion visual effect. Yarn floats slow and smooth in the air.

    I can vouch for the Mel Krieger DVD's and Joan Wulff's for that matter very good visual and verbal instruction. Helped me out.

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