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    Default So i tried out my new Echo Ion 7wt

    Went down and practiced at the community soccer field one block away yesterday.

    Ohhh man, i really like this rod. It is a med/fast action and feels smooth as butter. I am replacing my Cabelas 3 forks with this. I know i didnt spend much on the 3 Forks but after a fall of casting it and having the cork fall apart, i am frankly pretty disappointed in it.

    So, having talked to a guide i know about them and reading on local forums from other users i decided to ask for one for X-Mas. I am glad i did. Perhaps it is a bit of "new rod excitement" coloring my perception but frankly for not a lot more this rod is head and shoulders above the Cabelas rod.

    Echo Ion rods

    I paired it with a matching Ion reel and Airflo Ridge Supple Impact WF7F line

    I would encourage anyone looking for a new rod to give them a look. A high quality rods at a very competitive price.

    Further, it turned out that the the 12 wt tuna chasing rod my wife brought home as well was in fact a spey rod. Not a bad thing, just not something i am prepared to jump into yet. I am looking at switch rods with a purchase in mind in the future. Anyways, after realizing i had a spey rod on my hands i took it back to the shop as well and swapped it out for another Echo rod. The 7wt left such a good impression on me that i spent a extra $100 and got the Echo 3 12wt for hopeful tuna adventures next summer. Plus, i get a future Tarpon rod at the same time.

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    Default Re: So i tried out my new Echo Ion 7wt

    Sounds like you had a pretty good Christmas! Those Echo rods look great and reasonably priced too.
    "I cast my hook into a single stream; but my pleasure is as if I owned a kingdom." - Chi K'ang (223-262)

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    Default Re: So i tried out my new Echo Ion 7wt

    They are nice! I had an 8 for a while. Only sold it because I had too many rods and got all panicy! Wifey no likey!

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