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  1. Default 359 South Bend Bait Co 4 piece bamboo rod

    I bought a South Bend Bait Co model 359 4 piece 8 1/2' bamboo flyrod, with an extra tip section, at an antique shop a few weeks ago, and I'm trying to find out some things about it. First, I know it was produced before 1956, but does anyone here know a more specific date, or how to distinguish it's year of production? Second, what weight is this rod? And last, what is the approximate value of this rod, in great condition, in it's original cotton carrier? Any info would be greatly appreciated!

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    Default Re: 359 South Bend Bait Co 4 piece bamboo rod

    Hi steelhed,

    I can't help with the date unless it wrote on the rod by the craftsman who made it. If the rod is in great condition the line designation should be wrote on the rod just above the grip. The line designation should be HDG, HCG or something similar. Might even have the makers name on it. I don't remember the South Bend bamboo rods having a great reputation. At one time the only fly rod you could get was made with bamboo and many were mass produced at a low price point. This may be one of those rods.

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    Thanks for the reply, Frank. The rod looks to be in great condition, the finish is uniform and there are no cracks. The only writing on it is "359 8 1/2' ", just above the handle. I held it and my St Croix 9' 5/6 together and false casted them, the South Bend flexed lower on the rod, and the tip went about 6" further at each end of the arc. I think I'll take the reel from the St Croix and take the old boy fishin'!

    Any members on here from the Twin Cities?

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    yeah bamboo rods usually flex like that. they cast slower also. try putting diffrent weight lines on it to see what one casts best.

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    I have a 359 that was my father's. I think that he bought in when he was in High School, around 1940 to 1944. It could not have cost much, but it was one of his prise posessions. I am glad that it is not worth too much on the open market because I intend to take it fishing this weekend. Dad had my cousin refurbish the rod in 1991 and it has not been used much since then. I have not had it in the water since I got it in 2001. We are heading to Three Rivers in CA this weekend.

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