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BigCliff 03-31-2005 01:30 AM

Any Sage TCR Fans?
WOW! I cast one for the first time last week and was extremely impressed. I know that many out there view this rod as too fast, period, but I loved it. I thought it had just enough flex at 30' to feel what I needed, but had no trouble booming a 100' cast either. I will readlily admit that I am not the best caster out there, and will also admit to being one of the gorillas who benefits from the stiffer rods, but wow.

I would just love to hear any opinions from those who have cast it as I trust/value the opinions of those on this board very highly.

I should also add that the one I cast was the 8wt. I will also give you my preferences before casting this rod. In order: 9' 8wt Powell Tiburon, 8'6" 8wt Sage RPLXi, and then the 9' 8wt Sage XP. I should also add that my "big" rod of choice is a Scott Heliply 8'8" 9wt.

dougm 03-31-2005 02:37 PM

Re: Any Sage TCR Fans?
No question about, Sage builds a great rod ... The TCR is a good one. Throw the TCR along side of a St. Croix Legend Elite and tell me what you think...

If you like very fast rods, as I do, have you ever tried a G.Loomis Mega Taper? They are gone now but still available... The Mega were all 8.5-feet in length.

My favorites by Sage include the RPL and the RPLX ... The RPL is an 8-foot 5-weight you would have to pry from my dead hands.

BigCliff 03-31-2005 03:04 PM

Re: Any Sage TCR Fans?
Doug, I would be happy to cast any rod I have access to but those just haven't been accessible to me yet. I need to go to Flint and cast a bunch of Steve's rods. I think I hear the echo of a 7wt ECHO calling my name, or maybe that's the 8' 5wt Diamondglass...

dougm 03-31-2005 06:25 PM

Re: Any Sage TCR Fans?

Funny you should mention the Diamondglass 8-foot, 5-weight. I'm in the middle of a review of that rod right now ... My impressions are all favorable ... Simply a lovely rod, especially when paired with Cortland's Sylk Classic 444.

Echo is a rod I know nothing about ...


Curtis 03-31-2005 06:43 PM

Re: Any Sage TCR Fans?
I have fished the eight foot four weight in the Diamondglass. I love that rod. I am looking at a 7.5 foot three weight right now that I am considering buying. I would love to know what a TCR casts like but I cannot even afford to wiggle one of those in the shop.

dougm 03-31-2005 07:25 PM

Re: Any Sage TCR Fans?

I would be tempted to go with the 3-piece, 7-foot version with a DT line ... What a nice packable package it makes, and with a delightful action. Of course, I don't think you can go wrong with either flavor. I happen to have a Hardy Retro in a 4-weight, 7-foot flavor and the actions are very much alike.


BigCliff 04-01-2005 09:25 AM

Re: Any Sage TCR Fans?
Curtis I'm glad to hear you've fished one. I have two minor hesitations keeping me from getting the D'glass.

Looking at the weight of the rod, I'm concerned that it might feel heavy. However it might be that the weight in the butt section of the rod helps it balance well enough to not feel all that heavy. What do you think?

Second, while I expect my average cast with the rod to be 20-35 feet, I also would like to be able to boom out 70 if needed. I might be really annoyed if there's not enough power deep in the rod to throw that far. I also realize that the fiberglass might actually make it a better rod for shooting line than the average graphite rod. What do you think about that situation?

I'm glad that I can get both your opinion and Doug's on this rod.

On the TCR, I suppose I could afford the rod itself if I really talked myself into it, but I sure don't want the divorce that might come with it.

dougm 04-01-2005 12:16 PM

Re: Any Sage TCR Fans?
The Diamondglass isn't designed to be a boomer. In fact, Diamondback brought the series out as trout rods designed for smaller waters. Ed Story of Feather-Craft told me of a wealthy friend who fished the Diamondglass 5-weight for a couple of months in Montan waters and now won't fish anything else. That's when I decided to do a review.

The entire series enjoys what I would call a medium action. Cortland describes these rods as light, responsive, accurate and uniquely sensitive ... I fully agree.

The light weight is surprising. For example, the 7-foot 3-weight I mentioned to Curtis weighs about 3.3 oz. The 8-footer I am currently reviewing comes in at 3.5 oz. In my hands, the 5-weight easily reaches 65-feet (measured) and I might be able to press it a little further, depending on the specific line used; however, in the 30 to 55-foot range, it's deadly.

Cliff, I truly believe that fiberglass is at it's best in shorter lengths ... and that doesn't mean they will not throw a long line. Tell you what, I will start a new thread on my favorite rod that you might find of interest...


Curtis 04-01-2005 01:18 PM

Re: Any Sage TCR Fans?
The D-glass will throw the length if needed if you learn the timing on that rod. The cool thing is that this rod does ALL the work. You just need to put it where it needs to be. The rod is very well designed and ready to throw line. THe four weight I used was able to cast 60' of line without any issue. THey are not really designed for great big water and double hauls but for smooth casts that make you want to just snip the fly off and watch the line for a while. They do not feel heavy at all. I think their action is more parabolic then medium but not so slow as to be "clunky" like some of the older glass. Check one out, you will be nicely surprised. Plus, they are dang nice to look at too.

BigCliff 04-01-2005 02:17 PM

Re: Any Sage TCR Fans?
yeah, alright, I think this rod will be the next one. I just wish I lived in Boerne instead of Useless, TX. (Euless, 'burb of Foat Wurth) The thing will be the absolute perfect Hill-Country rod.

I've actually already got a half used up wf5f SA XPS that I plan to cut back the tip on that I will use until the Sylk bug bites me hard. Some guy decided it was used up and he wanted me to throw it away, I decided to throw it in my pocket.

Doug, could you describe to us what all tests and trials you put a rod through in the process of doing one of your reviews? Do you think your methods are typical of other gear reviewers out there in our industry? We all understand if you need to leave out any secret methods that give you an advantage over your peers.

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