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pegboy1 01-31-2012 04:59 PM

NRX and GLX weights
Can anyone point me in the direction were I might find the physical weights of The NRX and GLX series of rods. More specificaly I'm looking for 9'-0" 5wt 4pc weights.

imxer 01-31-2012 08:33 PM

Re: NRX and GLX weights
Loomis told me they have a policy of not listing weights for their rods. They apparently had a problem with an individual involving rod weight and that was
the basis for their decision, or so I was told by customer service.
There are other Forum members who use the rods you have requested the info- about, you should be hearing from some of them. My GLX 9' , 4 piece is
a 6 wt, weighing 3.5 oz. A 5wt should weight close to the same or slightly less. Have not owned an NRX, yet. You might have to take a Postal scale to a shop selling Loomis to weigh some rods. Hope you will post your findings


sweetandsalt 02-01-2012 07:44 AM

Re: NRX and GLX weights
I don't know the weights but, if I remeber correctly, George Anderson weighed them in his "5-Weight Shootout". Go to the Yellowstone Angler on-line to review his comparrisons on these rods.

NRX are not the lightest rods out there I can assure you but they are quick and powerful with substantial lower taper reserves. I love my #8 but the 5 might be overkill for all but big river anglers. I cast the #4 NRX at the recent Somerset Show and fell in love with it; super high line speed and the narrowest smoothest loops imaginable...I would fish it, with a 4 weight line, in many habitats where oridinarily I would select a 5 weight rod.

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