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  1. Default Bamboo rod identification and minor repair question

    Hi there.
    I have what appears to be a vintage bamboo fly rod in pristine condition, except one of the ferrules is not seated correctly. There are no makers marks anywhere on the rod and I have been unable to identify it.

    The ferrule on the handle section is not seated fully on the rod (see last photo in the link), and I am unable to move it in either direction. Any input on how best to deal with this would be greatly appreciated.


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    Default Re: Bamboo rod identification and minor repair question

    It does not appear to be a 'pinned ferrule' this is good. A little heat to the nickle silver and then grasp with some leather and that should slide off. Clean the inside of the fitting out, clean the rod tip off and it will go back on nicely with epoxy or Fletch Tight.

    Look it over well to be sure there is not a pin holding it fast before you try to slide it off. While off, you might as well remove the winding and get ready to find a matching thread or silk for that.


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  3. Default Re: Bamboo rod identification and minor repair question

    Thanks for the help. I thought heat might be the answer, but didn't want to try it unless I was sure. The windings are very much intact, so I don't think I will need to mess with that, but I will make sure to seal them to the ferrule after I re-seat it.

    Thanks again.

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    Default Re: Bamboo rod identification and minor repair question

    Just looking at the rod, the guide you mentioned (stripper guide)does not look to be vintage, its not garnett. I know that not what you haved asked for, just something I noticed.


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