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Thread: 2nd Fly Rod

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    Hello forum,

    This will be my first post on this forum and I wanted to get some expert opinions. This will be my 2nd rod my first rod is in Va with my parents but it was a little big for the fishing I would like to do here in AZ. I live in Phoenix now and am just starting to get back into flyfishing. I have fly fished for a couple of years nothing seriously but have tied flies for a handful of years.
    Anyway I am looking for a good rod to do some fishing in Oak Creek Canyon, which is up in sedona, from what I have done it is a small river with a lot of tight spots, So I am thinking of getting a shorter rod maybe a 8' 4wt rod or something similar not really sure, just wondering peoples opinions.



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    I also live in AZ. so I do fish some of the small AZ. creeks. If you are going after the non-stockers you will probabaly want a rod which can be easily transported for longer hikes. Also, many of the smaller rivers and creeks have limited space due to the surrounding vegitation, terain and people. A 4pc 4wt in 8-9 foot range would work fine. It would have reach and you would be able to flick or roll out the line. I personally like a shorter 3wt for these creeks. Again in time you will want to hit some of the more remote areas, so you will want equipment the you feel comfortable hiking in with. On a side note, you might also think about trying Tonto and Christopher creeks.

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    I think this would be a great choice for what you're after: I've landed trout from 10-20" on the thing and it casts beautifully.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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