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    Thanks Frank, great videos. Also it was interesting to see the line and rod choices for the competition. I liked the idea that they used a rod which could be purchased at your local supplier rather than custom built rods. It makes for a very even playing field.

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    Hi hardhat,

    Yes, the 5wt class is so any guide or fly fisher can compete. I have always thought that the TiCr was the best rod that TFO makes and only a little more money than the Professional. If I was a beginner I think that would be my first rod. Unfortunately we don't know who was using what rod.

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    Thanks Guys, I fill better knowing I'm on the right track. My friend (retired flyfisherman) gave me the same answer. I was over powering. He said just lay the line down.... working on it.

    I believe it's like buffing floors or tilling a garden. You let the machine do the work. I need to let the rod do the work. Thanks again Randy

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