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Thread: Sage SLT Sale

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    Default Sage SLT Sale

    Hi Folks,

    If anyone's interested, Cabelas has all thei Sage SLT rods on sale for about 200 bucks off list price. I've got 2 (3 wt and 5 wt) and love 'em both. Here's a link:

    Cabela's -- Sage SLT Series Medium-Fast Action Fly Rods


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    Good info, I have been tempted by those. I notice that they have Scierra IC3 rods for $149 also. These are very good bang for the buck rods that cast and feel like much more expensive equipment.

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    Hey Philthy,
    I was just up in your area fishing some of the streams in the northern part of the state. While in Albuquerque in met William Frangos. William and Ray Shewnack wrote a book called "49 Trout Streams of New Mexico". It is a very nicely done book (one look and I had to buy it). It has photos, maps, written directions and a story about their fishing experience on the various streams in NM. Anybody wanting to learn more about fishing streams in NM or wanting a excellently photographed documentary of NM would find this very informitive. What I understand also is that William is an expert at fly tying. Beautiful state with excellent fly fishing!

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    Another good book is the Flyfisher's Guide to New Mexico. Not many pics, but lots of detail. You're right about NM, I really consider myself fortunate to be living here! I'm looking forward to cooler weather (even though it's in the low 90s now) and better fishing in a month or so. Seems the water's gin clear and the fishing tough just about everywhere now.


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