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  1. Default TFO Finesse VS. Winston Accent

    For $179.00 How do these two compare for a beginner in a 5 Wt.???

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    Default Re: TFO Finesse VS. Winston Accent

    I do not know about that Winston but I do have a Finesse. That rod would be a very good choice for a beginner or experienced person. I also beleive that the Scott V2, Sage Launch, and the Echo Classic would be other rods in that price range that would be good to test out. I beleive that it is easier for a newby to learn to feel the line on a medium or medium fast action. The Winston may be too fast of an action for a beginner.

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    THanks Hardhat, anyone else care to reply ???


  4. Default Re: TFO Finesse VS. Winston Accent

    I agree with the other reply :

    Take the time to test as many fly rods as you can before
    laying out the $$$. We have discussed this same topic before
    with many different responses. I'm certainly not trying to
    speak for everyone, but you'll find a rod I like, you may not.
    " It's a personal choice thing" Try, try, try. All the rods that
    were mentioned are good rods to start as a beginner. I learned
    from my Father on a heavy (to todays standard) fiberglass rod
    fishing for bluegill. (I have those rods now as a display.) If you
    feel the need later on you can try moving up the $$$ ladder
    to a different rod. You may also look into a "outfitted or combo"
    setup. Rod, reel, line, etc. It maybe another option to think
    about ?? I've heard horror stories of guys spending boo-koo
    $$ on their first outfit & end up not liking fly fishing after all.

    Just some suggestions, hope you join us in the Quiet Sport,

    Tie One On

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    Default Re: TFO Finesse VS. Winston Accent

    Hi tractman,

    I have not cast either rod but here are my thoughts. Both rods are imported and Winston had problems with the early rods but I am sure they have corrected any problems. Winston also has had some internal conflict with the backbone of the bamboo rod makers leaving. I don't know if this has any impact on the Winston Accent. I do know that the TFO Finesse has been well received by some posters on this forum. For the money you will have a hard time beating a TFO rod.

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    Default Re: TFO Finesse VS. Winston Accent

    At Cortland we have a new series of Rods called the "Brook" that are designed to offer an alternative in moderate action trout rods. I cast a prototype of the 8" 6" five weight at the Sales meeting (on the West Branch) and must admit that it would give my Winston WT serious competition. It was a sweet rod. Their priced at 179.99. They will come with Lifetime warranty, are four piece, and come with a rod/reel case included. I'm not sure when they will be available, sometime this fall, but they will definitely be worth your consideration. Personally I'm partial to a more moderate action rod especially on a trout stream.

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    Default Re: TFO Finesse VS. Winston Accent

    I am always looking for a good value rod, just ask my wife. Keep us informed as I will be looking for another 3wt soon.

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