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    Default Sage ZXL vs. Scott G2

    I have the opportunity to purchase either of these rods at a fairly decent discount. Can anyone provide some insight on their preferences between the two and the differences between them. I don't have any moderate-fast action rods, but thought I would get one to see how I like them.

    Any insight would be great. Thanks!

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    Default Re: Sage ZXL vs. Scott G2

    Buy Both! Actually two outstanding rods with similar action. The G2 may be more on medium side while the Sage possibly a tad quicker. I have both and find them wonderful for dries and light nymphing

  3. Default Re: Sage ZXL vs. Scott G2

    Cant comment on the Scott. but Sage is a sweet rod.. I have 2 9 ft. 6wt's gonna sell one of them ( $350. shameless plug ) to replace my 4wt TFO. Thats how much I like the ZXL..

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