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Thread: Sage Switch rod

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    Looking to cut my teeth on a new switch rod, cant decide if I wanna drop the cash on a Z-axis or TCX anyone have either of the two? Looking to use it for steelhead! Being new to the whole switch rod world, cant decide to buy a sage or consider something cheaper such as a TFO?

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    Z-Axis or TCX?
    If you are just getting started, the Z-Axis is the better way to go. It is much smoother than the TCX. Coupled with the right head, it is a wonderful casting rod. It does not require as much grain mass to make casts.

    TFO or other brands?
    I generally steer people away from the TFO switch rods. People who I know who use them have ferrule slippage. If they do not tape them up, they have to keep on checking them more often than other rods. Also I have seen some cracks in the finishing at the ferrules. I do not think that these are stress fractures in the blank.

    If you want a better quality price pointed rod, check out the Beulah Platinum Switch rods. They throw Skagit and Scandi heads smoothly, yet they still have plenty of power and backbone. If you decide on one of these rods, match them up with the respective Beulah shooting heads.


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    Remind me to always consult with you when looking for new equipment.


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    Deciding between a Z-Axis and a TCX really depends on the type of action you are looking for. If you like a super fast, super light rod, then the TCX is the way to go, they are not the easiest of rods to start off with if you are new to using 2 handed rods. If you want a rod a touch heavier and with more flex, which equals more forgiveness, then the Z-Axis.

    Having own(ed) rods in both families, I personally will fish a TCX everytime except for the 5 weight, and that is only due to the length difference and that I don't see myself building the 5119 for the limited times I would use it.

    I've own(ed) the TCX 9140, 7126 and 8119 and the Z-axis 8129, 7110 and 5110. I liked them all expect the 7110.

    If you want an even deeper loading rod, then the Beulah platinum rod is a great choice.

    If you are new to the 2-handed cast, spey/switch concept, I would suggest starting right off the rip with a spey rod. Mark my words, it's eventually what you will end up with down the road and they are easier to learn on.

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    I dont know how much of this will help, being that i dont have personal experience with a switch rod, but what i do have is experience with both Sage and TFO. I have a couple Sage 9ft 6 wt 4pc ZXL's and a 9ft 4wt 4 pc TFO Ti Cr. Although different weights, i would stick with sage for sure. I like the tfo, but sage is much better. So much if fact that I gonna sell one of my ZXL's ( $350. shameless plug ) and my TFO ( taking offers!! ) to get another ZXL in a different weight. Once i get enought posts to qualify to post the zxl and tfo in classified section, I will posting the rods for sale. ( or pm me for advanced sale ) Once again, Sage over TFO..

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