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    MY POV is salt the only trout rod I have is a wes jordan... listen to all of those who said go to a big fly shop and try try try.. you got a high end reel if it's a made in england one so put it on a high end rod but you have got to try them out for what is your intended venue and fish and dry, wet ...put a good five wt on the reel and cast 10 different five wts all at the same session..then decide ...or more than one session...don't want to make a 700 ops...IMO

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    over 1000 dollars for a fly rod! does it come with a world record trout attached to the end of it? man and I thought my 100 dollar cabelas combo cost too much.... I am really cheap I guess. I wouldn't spend any more than 200 bux on a rod unless I was a millionaire
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