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    Default Re: George Anderson's "4-Weight Shootout"

    I have not been a fan of "shootouts" or even reviews from the standpoint that i dont think anyone can pick the best rod for someone else. That being said i read everyone! I really do enjoy reading about rods and getting others opinions about them. I have a scrip to every fly fishing mag i know of and anytime they do a review or shootout type article i wont lie...i flip to it and read it first!

    I also enjoyed Anderson's work. They put a lot of time and effort into it...though i view it as a marketing tool.

    That being said i think this is the best of the shootouts they have done. Not only did they test rods with the best line for them (about time!), they looked at different length rods. To be honest i think George's account of what a 4 weight should do is absolutely dead on and that is coming from an eastern angler. I dont know why everyone is getting up tight about some of the rods being tested with 4.5 wt lines. Honestly the plus 1/2 lines are some of our best sellers! I think its fair to test a rod for the line it was designed to fish. Lets face it, some four weights are designed to do things other fours are it or not.

    As for my opinion i like their call of the Zenith and BIIIX near the top. I own the Hardy and like it a lot and have cast the Winston and was impressed. Ive not cast a #4 Sage ONE believe it or not so i cant comment. I will say however that my all time favorite 4 wt. is the 9 foot 3 inch Mystic M series rod. I love it and press it into service for everything but streamers for which i go all the way up to a 7!

    I have been a cynic in the past but keep in mind casting preferences vary and i do think with this shootout they do everything in their power to be fair. Its really nice to see a 4 wt. shootout. Its seems to me that a 4 weight has really become the go to standard in trout least in the East.
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