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Thread: IM6 Blanks

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    I look forward to casting the TFO Finesse rod in a 8' 4-weight. This rod, according to the manufacturer, is built on an IM6 blank. The use of the IM6 blank rehashed old questions I never got answers to:

    -What is IM6?

    -Is it not as good as IM7 or IM8?

    -I understand it comes in different flexes, but is an IM6 purchased today the same or similar to a similar flex IM6 blank purchased 5 years ago?

    -Is IM6 now old technology?

    Thanks for any informed input.

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    IM6 is an unofficial brand name for a type of graphite. Graphite is categorized by modulus- a measure of the density of fibers, basically. Higher modulus is stronger per gram, but it is more brittle. Lower modulus graphite rods will be heavier to have the same power, but will often be more durable.

    On the other hand, the type of graphite that makes up a rod is not solely responsible for how it performs. Another material, known as "scrim" plays a huge role. Huge advances have been made in scrim materials in recent years. Due to this, todays best IM6 graphite rods are generally quite superior to those 10-15 yrs old. (though all IM6 rods are not nearly equal)

    In summation, IM6 graphite is considered a medium modulus graphite and can be made into a very good fly rod. But, not all IM6 rods are created equally.

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    One of the biggest marketing myths in Fly rod marketing is that faster or higher modulus is better. In a fly rod blank the taper is much more important then the modulus. Many experienced dry fly fisherman for example prefer IM6 blanks because softer tips protect lighter tippets better, and a more moderate action is easier to mend and work in close. Faster, higher modulus materials can be harder to cast because it's harder to feel them load up, especially when you don't have a lot line out.

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