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    Quote Originally Posted by db cooper View Post
    I have the 9x5. Way better in my hands than the Sage or Hardy. Yellowstones shootouts are total marketing garbage.
    I agree. Who knows what's going on behind - receiving incentives, higher margin products, etc. Especially Hardy. Engineered in UK, made in Korea? I was dumb enough to get sucked in Yellowstone and ended up spending over $600.00 for made in Korea.

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    I am a long time sage fan and my entire line consists of sage up until last month when I ventured out for a new 6 wt.... first trials included Sage ONE, a helios tip and mid flex where I fell in love with the mid flexs accuracy at distances of 25-50'. I know what I like in a rod and a soft tip and good back bone comes first in my book which the Sage ONE doesn't offer.

    When it came time to purchase the local Orvis dealer didn't have one in stock so I stopped at another local shop where I thought I might try a 906-4 ONE again. What I ended up casting the most and just felt right was a 906-4 S4. The rod has it ALL!!! Soft tip, fast action, and enough @$$ to put the wood to the unexpected bigger fish.

    I only have plans for this rod to be used as a hex/large dry fly rod. Now I'm debating on a 904-4 S4. I don't own a 4 wt but am starting to find a need for one in the boat. Will be used for drys between sizes 14-18s along with some Hoppers on smaller sized streams. I more than likely will load it with a Rio Grand 4. Hopefully will provide me with good presentation at distances of 25-40 ft. If anyone here has experience with the S4 904-4 chime in please!!!

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    I've had the 905-4 now for a couple of years now and couldn't be more pleased. Seems to have a softer tip than the S3s I have but plenty of power. I use a Rio Gold line on mine. I have used it at different times for everything from medium sized streamers to sz 18 BWO dries. I don't think it was intended to be a small stream rod fishing with 10' or so of line out but it does everything I want a fast action 5 wt to do very well. As for the Yellowstone trial, I remember a few years ago the test for 8 wts they did and had the S3s pretty much at the bottom of the group tested. My S3s 8 wt has been my go to bonefish rod for a number of years and I couldn't be happier with it.

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    What do you guys think about the 10; 7 weight S4? It would be a bass (small/ large/ striped), salmon, carp, and possibly steelhead rod.

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    ive been a Scott fan for some time now- mainly the A series (A2 and A4) because i always felt they were he best bang for the buck in a USA made rod- still do- less maybe the stcroix avid and discontinued stcroix LU

    but i just picked up a new Scott S4 9' 6wt- and finally got it out on the water yesterday- it was a nymphin' game w/ lots of fat native oregon bows- and all can say is AMAZING! ive got it matched up w/ a lamson litespeed 2 reel and SA GPX textured line and wow-

    this rod is a dream- powerful but w/ soulful feel at the same time-
    really- the total package!

    go cast an S4!


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    Default Re: The Scott S4 Thread

    One mid flex rod I do not see mentioned much is the Orvis Access. I have an 8 1/2 foot Access 5wt that cast a veryyy soft toss,,and can reach out plenty far. And it's a pure joy to fight a fish on. Wonderful transmitted 'feel' to the hand, yet has enough butt strength to handled pretty good size fish. I think they are a fine rod for the money.

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    I fish pretty much all Scott rods. I think the reason you don't hear to much about the S4 in the lighter weights is becuase their other rods excel so much in these situations.

    I know there is not 1 rod out there that is good for everything, so if I am going to be out for a whole day and far from the car on a big river, I always take my pack that carries an extra rod tub.

    I usually have my 6wt 9ft S4 (non-fighting butt) for nymphing, throwing streamers, and hoppers. I love this rod and have found it to be great for this type of fishing. I have caught some big S. Platte rainbows on 6x and 7x with this rod and the tip was plenty soft not to break the leader.

    I then have a 8'8" G2 4wt. This rod is great for dry flies, and especially for trico's and BWOs. Nice soft landing of tiny tiny dry flies.

    Lastly I have a 3wt 7ft F series for small can even handle small streamers.

    Scott rocks.

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    I need a streamer line for my 6wt S4. Primarily fishing from a boat in Colorado's skinnier waters. What are peoples thoughts on the StreamerTip lines and is the 6wt/210 line enough for the S4? With the softer tip, I wouldn't think there would be any need to overline, especially casting streamers, but I have always just thrown a floating line and would like to get a little more serious from the boat.


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    Default Re: The Scott S4 Thread

    200 grain SA Streamer Express... MONEY

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