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Fly2Fish 10-29-2007 04:04 PM

Sage XP vs. Sage Z-Axis?
Does anyone have any opinion on whether the Sage Z-Axis is much of an improvement (if any) over the XP it replaced? The segment I'm looking at are longer (10' or more) 7-wt. travel rods (4+ sections), for windier conditions on bigger Rockies water. Thanks for any insights. :smile:

Frank Whiton 10-29-2007 05:25 PM

Re: Sage XP vs. Sage Z-Axis?
Hi Fly2Fish,

The 7wt and above Z-Axis rods have a faster tip than the lower weight Z-Axis rods. That will help with line speed that results in longer cast and better wind performance. They are not as fast as the TCR and should be easier to cast. The XP may be a bit of a better all around performer than the Z-Axis. For those big water rivers I would choose the Z-Axis in a 7wt. The problem with the 10' rods is sometimes with the added length the dynamics of the rod change. So unless you cast a 10' Z-Axis rod I don't think anyone can tell you if it is your best choice.

I have several 8wt 9' Sage rods that I used in Alaska. They all cast the same and I liked the action. I bought a 9'6" rod of the same model and it was a dud. I think they just added 6 more inches to the 9' rod and the tip was too soft.

If it was me I don't think I would buy any 10' rod with out casting it first or had the option to return it if it didn't work for me. I suggest that you call Feather Craft and talk to Ed or Bob about the Sage rods. They have cast them all and will help you out even if you don't buy from them. The problem is they can only tell you how the rods cast for them, they can't tell you how they will cast for you.


Fly2Fish 10-30-2007 01:34 PM

Re: Sage XP vs. Sage Z-Axis?
Frank, thanks very much for this helpful advice (which I don't think I could have obtained anywhere else). I have an opportunity to compare the castability of a 10' 4-section and a 9' 2-section XP, so I'll probably start there. I was interested in your thinking that the XP might be the better all-around performer, since I probably over-emphasized my need for a 7-weight to be just on windy Rockies big-water rivers (although that certainly is one need I'd want to fill). This rod would be a second travel alternative to my primary travel rod, a Sage SP589-5.


Frank Whiton 10-30-2007 02:20 PM

Re: Sage XP vs. Sage Z-Axis?
Hi Neil,

The reason I thought the XP 7wt would be a more all-around rod is I think it is a little slower action, but still a fast action, than the 7wt Z-Axis. As I stated, Sage makes the Z-Axis 7wt and up rods with a stiffer tip. Keep in mind that I have not cast the Z-Axis and that is why I suggested you call Feather Craft. If you drop down to the Z-Axis 6wt rod it will have a softer tip and I bet there won't be much difference between the XP and Z-Axis. The XP is one of Sage's most popular rods and I don't think they would come out with a replacement if it was not as good or better.

I will say again that I wouldn't buy any 10' rod with out casting it first. Joni has a 10' Orvis that she likes a lot.


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