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NewFlyFisher 11-11-2007 09:14 PM

Rod Advice - Redington/TFO/Sage
I have just joined this forum, having looked on for the past few days. I am a relative novice to fly fishing but hoping to get more into it over the next year. I presently have a "real beginner - but graphite" 7/8 fly rod and am looking for something more appropriate for trout in the smaller rivers and streams here in Alberta.

I am not looking to spend a lot, but enough to get into reasonable performing hardware. It appears that the best bang for the buck is in the combo offerings. I started looking at the TFO professional rod, have considered going as high as the Sage Launch and am now having a close look at the great deal of the Redington RS3 conbo that Cabela's has on at the moment. I got to see this rod locally and looks quite good.

If someone could give me comments on the Redington RS3 and how it might compare to the TFO Professional or Sage Launch product would be great.


jimw 11-12-2007 07:34 AM

Re: Rod Advice - Redington/TFO/Sage
Hi Larry

I have 2 Redington Redfly2 rods an 8wt and a 9wt a little big for your needs but i really like them i have the cabelas csr reels a number3 on the 8wt and a #4 on the 9wt and they work great, the rods are forgiving and easy to cast. i fish mostly salt and have not had any issues with corrosion the reels have a sealed drag and it is very smooth. In my opinion these are very nice rods and reels for the money. Sage and TFO are both good products too but i don't own one and can't really comment on them.

ReelFlyRod 11-12-2007 12:12 PM

Re: Rod Advice - Redington/TFO/Sage
Hi, in 25 years of fly fishing and owning a fly shop in the U.S., Redington packs more value into their fly rods & outfits than any manufacturer I have found. The Red.Fly 2 Outfit is a beautiful mid level outfit that retails for $250, which we sell for $199.00 & ships free. It comes with a nice Redington rod & reel case and lifetime warranty on the rod. I would recommend getting this outfit with the SVII reel, and not the new Red.Fly 2 reel. The SV is superior and we can build this outfit. The 4-pc travel outfits retail for $300, our price is $224.00. If I were starting all over again, this is the exact outfit I would choose for myself. Feel free to visit our Fly Shop at the link below. We are a small shop in Ohio with great prices. Tight Lines, Todd

NewFlyFisher 11-17-2007 06:00 PM

Re: Rod Advice - Redington/TFO/Sage
Thanks for the responses. The input sounds positive for the Redington product. I was hoping someone might have had some experience to share with the actual RS3 rod. Although, most seem to be very happy with it, a few comments I have seen on the web seem to vary from it being very stiff to it being too flexible?

As for ordering, I live in Canada and as luck would have it, fishing rods/reels are subject to duty and all that goes with it. Has to be an exceptional deal to make it worth ordering. On the other hand the shop prices on most of the products here is quite a bit higher so I am looking.


NewFlyFisher 11-17-2007 06:39 PM

Re: Rod Advice - Redington/TFO/Sage
Darn - feel like I am talking to myself (i.e. two posts in a row), but there was one more question that I wanted to ask in my last post.

One of the rods that seems reasonably priced and packaged here is the Okuma Guide Select. From searches on the web (and because this is quite new to me), it seems that Okuma are big in reels but just getting into (of have low market share) fly rods. Does anyone here have experience, or comments, with the Okuma Guide Select rods??

Thanks again,

fishman 11-22-2007 12:45 AM

Re: Rod Advice - Redington/TFO/Sage
I was thinking of getting one of the Redington rods #4 probably. "Dry tested" the CPS (7', 3WT, 4PC) and liked it but was thinking of getting #4 for dries and nimphs any suggestions (CPS, RS4, RS3, ?????).

Thanks for info. !!!

troutbum 11-22-2007 06:02 AM

Re: Rod Advice - Redington/TFO/Sage
Welcome to the forum!Where abouts in Alberta are you?
I am guessing that you will be fishing the mountian streams and small lakes.
If that is the case i would deffinitily go witht he Redington in a 5 or 6 wt.
If you are in southern AB shoot me a PM,and I will help you out with a few GREAT little streams where one can really cut their flyfishing teeth!!!

Tight Lines

NewFlyFisher 11-28-2007 10:15 PM

Re: Rod Advice - Redington/TFO/Sage
Thanks for the input on the Redington. I have not made a decision yet - my list seems to increase rather than decrease - now looking at Greys GRXI (Hardy) and Frontier (G-Loomis).

troutbum - I live in central Alberta so my most local fishing opportunities are the Red Deer, Ram, Raven (Stauffer) rivers as well as some smaller lakes. Most of my limited experience has been in the Crowsnest where my son-in-laws uncle is a guide. I have been to a spot or two on the Oldman, Crowsnest, Carbondale and Castle rivers. I have an open invitation and plan to frequent this area as much as possible. I am open to any additional suggestions, however.


NewFlyFisher 12-07-2007 04:44 PM

Re: Rod Advice - Redington/TFO/Sage
Well, been a good week. I made it to the city and purchased my Christmas present. I finally settled on the 4 piece TFO Signature Series rod (9' - 5 wt). According to the supplier in Canada these are made from the same blanks as Professional Series with some improvements in guides. For rods in this price range it finally boiled down to the warranty center being only an hour and a half away and the many good reviews for this rod (along with several others).

I fitted the rod with the Pflueger Summit reel and a Rio Select Trout line. Now for the long wait till fishing season.

BTW - another great part of the week - I went to a local fly tying get together (held every Monday night in winter) and tied my first two flys. The Evil Weevil - only mine looked a little more evil than the others. I don't know if I am hooked, but, I do have a Danvise coming from e-bay.

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