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Thread: Head up - Cabelas Three Forks 6wt on sale

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    Default Head up - Cabelas Three Forks 6wt on sale

    Its a 5 piece rod - but for the bargain price of $35, hard to beat.
    The three forks has some great reviews, and from members on this site too.
    A good budget rod for someone starting out.
    I'm sorely templed to pull the trigger, but have a hard time justifying a fourth rod when my third has yet to see water...

    Just a heads up. and if you click through the cabelas advertising banner on this forum, your purchase will benefit the forum too.
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    Default Re: Head up - Cabelas Three Forks 6wt on sale


    Anyone know

    Is there somewhere on the forum, that has a list of those sites where they get a referral?

    Or, just basically, if the rotating 'Cabelas' isn't on top.. how can I get to it?

    Thanks, Dave

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