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NewFlyFisher 11-18-2007 10:28 AM

TFO Signature Series - 4 Piece - Canada Only Eh???
There seems to be a lot of interest and support for the TFO rods on this forum so I thought I would share a piece of info from my rod hunting process here in Canada. In one of the threads there seemed to be interest in the fact that there are 4 piece rods in the TFO Signature Series lineup so thought this may be of interest.

I have been hunting for a TFO Professional Series rod up here and can find none in the stores so I sent an e-mail to the Canadian distributors (Springbrook) and got this info in the reply:

"We do not carry the Professional series in Canada as such. What we do have is a rod based on the same blank, but with upgraded guides and reel seat. It is called the Signature Series 4pc. .......this works out cheaper than the Professional Series and you will have a warranty that can be serviced in Canada."

I have not seen the 4 piece on any of the US outlets (nor even the TFO website), however, is described on the Springbrook site (under new products)...S P R I N G B R O O K . Go figure?????


cliftz 11-18-2007 05:35 PM

Re: TFO Signature Series - 4 Piece - Canada Only Eh???
That's a four piece isn't it? Maybe I didn't understand what you were
writing??? I Have a 3 piece TiCr...6 wt. The guy that made it felt it was
better as a three piece rather than the four piece blank.

Oh, I see, you were talking about LK's Signature series...ooops.

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