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    Need help deciding between a Sage Launch and a Winston Ascent. I am going to try to get out and test cast both of them but was wondering you alls opinions as to these two rods? How is the actions on both? Where is the flex? Anything you can tell me or recommend otherwise. Thanks.

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    Could you give us a bit more info? Location, Primary species of Fish? Any secondary species you might fish? River fishing? Lake fishing? The more info the more intelligent the response, they are different rods for different approaches

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    Hi mrdamminator,

    I have not seen or fished the Winston Ascent. It is made overseas and I know there was some conflict within Winston about offering a rod not made by Winston. The first Ascent rods had some quality problems but the latest rods are supposed to be better. They are a fast action rod and that is not always good for a beginner.

    The Sage are built in Washington and a lot of the forum members have used them and like them. I think it is a slower action than the Ascent and new casters like them. The Launch is not a powerful rod but has a smooth action that may be an advantage for a beginner.

    Your best approach is to cast both rods and pick the one you like best. For a beginner I think the Launch is a better choice.


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    I tend to agree with Frank's response to your question.

    I own a 4wt 9'-0" Sage FLi which is a step or so up the rod ladder &
    it is the best casting rod I own. I, like you, went to my local fly shop,
    casted a Scott & a Sage & came home with the Sage. We have had
    similar forum questions on this same topic & the typical answers are
    usally the same. " Try each rod & pick the one that is best for you"

    I would pick the Sage as Frank noted, I don't think you'll be sorry.

    Tie One On

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