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  1. Default Guide Spacing on Sage DS2 8 Weight

    Does anyone own a Sage DS2 (9' 4pc) in 8 weight?

    I am refurbishing the section of the rod with the two strippers and would like to know where the 16mm and 12mm strippers are placed.

    If someone could please tell me the distance from the last snake guide to the 12mm stripper and from that to the 16mm, that would be awesome!



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    Default Re: Guide Spacing on Sage DS2 8 Weight

    Go to this page. Use the specs for the DS model.


  3. Default Re: Guide Spacing on Sage DS2 8 Weight

    Dennis -

    That's the first place I looked and those measurements do not match the placements of the guides on my rod.

    I am not positive what the difference between DS and DS II is, but I know the DS II was never offered as a blank to rod builders - only for sale as a finished rod. This leads me to believe the DS posted here for builders is different than the DS II.

    I have an email in to Sage, but who knows if they even that information anymore. I bought this rod in 2000.



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