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  1. Default Share your thoughts on the Sage Xi2 10wt

    I am looking for a 10wt for a trip to FL, and I have been told to stay away from the Xi2 in 10wt, as it doesn't load up. I have read reviews however, on other forums, where the reviewer claims it is their favorite rod.

    Money is a factor, so I am not going to spring for a new Xi3.

    Is there anyone currently using a 10wt Xi2 that is really happy with it? What line are you using with it?


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    Default Re: Share your thoughts on the Sage Xi2 10wt

    I'm Not really any help here because I dont own one. But I have spent a fair amount of time at the fly shop casting rods. The Xi2 is a very fast rod. Not every one can cast super fast rods. It all depends on you, How do you feel about the older TCR? If your ok with the TCR your probably ok with the Xi2. It's kind of like a Ferrari, Everyone wants to drive one but not everyone can handle it... I assume

    Just my thoughts

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    Thanks Allen. The speed of the Xi2 might be the issue that some people are experiencing. I like a fast rod, but don't care for the ultra fast rods - they often feel like a broom stick. I was looking for a Z Axis in 10wt and maybe I just need to hold out until I find one.

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    Default Re: Share your thoughts on the Sage Xi2 10wt

    I fished a buddy's once when we were chasing jacks. I did find it to be quite stiff, and kinda heavy to swing. If I was taking one on a trip, I'd probably put an overweight line on it like a Rio Outbound Short or SA Magnum.

    Personally, I'd sooner have a TFO BVK 10wt as its just going to be lighter and easier to fish. I wouldn't expect it to be as powerful for horsing fish as the Xi2 though.

    I'd rather hunt fish than bait deer any day.

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