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Thread: TiCr-X or Pro II?

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    Default TiCr-X or Pro II?

    looking at the TFO TiCr-x and the TFO Pro II. Thoughts? Reviews? Input?
    Will most likely be a 4wt, and most likely paired with either a Orvis Clearwater or Cabelas Wind River reel. Thanks for any input!

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    Default Re: TiCr-X or Pro II?

    Here is the deal...what needs to be taken into account is budget and species?

    The Pro II is fast, the TiCRx is FAST. If you plan on throwing dries with it, I probably wouldn't buy either. If your throwing nymph rigs w/o splitshot I would do the Pro II, if your fishing fast/deep water with nymphs, splitshot, and an indicator the TiCRx is the best bet. So my opinion would be the TiCRx or save yourself 25$ and pick up the BVK.

    I own the TiCRx in an 8wt, and the BVK in a 6wt, and am planning on purchasing a BVK 4wt as my new nymphing rig! Something to think about.

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    Default Re: TiCr-X or Pro II?

    4 wt? BVK!

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    Default Re: TiCr-X or Pro II?

    id really like a rod that can do all the above. i would think with all the high end rods on the market boasting FAST action, you would be able to throw dries with them as well as weighted nymphs. I had thought i narrowed down my choices in my search for a new rod. i would like a good all around trout rod that i can throw dries and nymphs. thinkin 4wt and 8' to 9'. Sounds like i should be looking at a more moderate/medium-fast action?.

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    Default Re: TiCr-X or Pro II?

    Cabelas has the Pro 1 on sale for 74.95 until 6/10.Same rod diff cosmetics

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