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Thread: Favorite Streamer Rod

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    I throw 200 grain thirty foot Cortland QD's with a 9-6 Hardy Proaxis. In the Fall when I break out the 250's I'll move up to an 9-7 Proaxis. Both easily handle 8" long Ditch Pigs for BIG trout, and I've landed Steelhead with both rods. The 6 weight actually held up fine on a mint 15 pound AK Silver.

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    St.Croix legend elite 9' 5wt with a Rio streamer 15' sinktip s3 line spooled on a Galvan Torque T-5. Fast and light in the hand! Can haul 90+ft from the sitting position in my super fatcat. No memory and no kick from the line in the stroke while casting!

    second setup for bigger water...

    G-Loomis Streamdance GLX HLS 9' 6wt (nice little fighting butt) with Rio streamer 15' sinktip s6 line spooled on a Lamson litespeed 2. Not as fast as my Elite but light and nice soft tip along with plenty of backbone to haul line. Can haul 75+ft with wickedly bigger flies sz 2-4-6.

    I use these two setups primarily for big trout waters.

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    For trout, I use a 9ft 5wt Quarrow Drake Big Horn with a Jim Teeny WF5F/S (Has a 5ft sinking tip), flouro furled leader and flouro tippet.

    For smallmouth and such, I step up to the 9ft 7wt Hardy Demon.
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    I have to say out west I use a G.Loomis 9'6" IMX with WF line and it has worked great for years. Not only trout but river smallies, aces!

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    I go for either my 7 or 8 wt Sage ONE these days. On the 7 I have an intermediate SA line to let it sink slightly. On the 8, I alternate between Rio Outbound for large streams, and a plain WF for smaller streams. My 8 is a 10' so that one gets to do my "hitching". I also always carry a Spey versileader sinking if I need to go scuba

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