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Thread: Switch rod advice needed

  1. Default Switch rod advice needed

    I am looking to expand my stable of rods to include a switch rod. I do however appreciate any advice on brands, lengths & line weights. I most certainly will be going for a fast action rod, since that seems to be what ticks for me in single hands. I will mostly be using this as a complimentary rod for Atlantic Salmon in Iceland etc, where either casting limitations would apply or my general laziness would get the better of me.

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    How do you intend to use this rod? Overhead cast, long nymphing, or true underhanded Spey?

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    I'll mostly use it for Scandinavian Spey casting as well the occassional overhead casting.

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    I never had a switch rod but am going to ask a question anyway. Why not just get a 13' Spey and be done with it? I use these for salmon and trout and like the length and the ability to handle any size fish with them. Where do you live?


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    Hi Ard.

    I have 14' Spey rod, but I want a switchfor the inbetween situations, where it's a little cumbersome to take a full Spey rod. I live in Iceland, and there are a few rivers where there is limited backcasting space in places. I usually carry 2 rods when covering 3-5 pools at a time, and this would serve me great.


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