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Craig24 12-17-2007 02:24 AM

ECHO Classic
Hello everyone
I am in the market for a new fly rod. I already have a 9' 5wt and I am wanting something smaller for combat fishing in tight brushy streams. I have been looking at the ECHO classic 6'6" or 7'6" 3 wt. I was wondering if anyone has used this set up and what they thought of it. Like I said it will be used for combat fishing for trout. If anyone has a recommendation for a different rod in 6'6" or 7'6" around $150 I would like to hear about it. Thanks


headhunter 12-17-2007 09:01 AM

Re: ECHO Classic
I would recommend the 7'6''. I do a lot of small stream fishing...probably 95% of my efforts are chasing brook trout around new england. The extra foot is not a hinderance if anything it helps nymphing and roll casts better. Psychologically the 6 foot rod seems like the better choice...on the water it really won't matter except for the extreme situation. I can bow and arrow cast the 7" 6" as well as sidearm and roll cast with it.

Echo..nice rod. I ended up going with the TFO professional 4 piece. I have been fishing the 9 foot 8 weight for the last couple of I guess out of brand loyalty so to speak I about the 3 weight. For my casting style the echo and TFO were very comparable. For a few dollars more you might want to look into the St. Croix Avid as well.

There are great glass rods out there as well...I just could not find one in the price range that you and I shared that also had the warranty behind it. Small streams lead to strange things happening to a fishing rod.

FTR..I am fishing the 3 weight with a SA WF4 weight..Lefty Kreh line. Loads the rod beautifully.

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