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    Quote Originally Posted by bloodhound View Post
    One option that i have heard others on the forum do is, Buy a rod lets just say a scott A3 4pc and play with it if it is the magis stick you were looking for cool if not sell it on ebay and continue buying and trying, a few people on FF'ing forums have said they actually made a few bucks getting a good deal on the likes of sage, winston and g loomis then getting about MSRP selling them. so if you have no where to go pick up a rod and let line fly then there is always this option. P.S. i used a 9' 2 Pc. on the north tongue in burges junction WY. worked fine for me and sound exactlly like the waters you are fishing.
    10 feet wide? Heck you could easily get by with a 6 foot rod. (not that I would advise a beginner to learn how to cast on a 6 wt)

    For a bit more money ($300) from the you can get a march brown hidden waters convertible. A 4 weight that is both 7 ft or 6 feet, or a 3 wt that is 6 and a half feet or 5 and 1/2 feet. And both are 7 pieces

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    check out the orvis frequent flyer, sounds pretty reasonable and orvis makes ok stuff i guess. on the tongue i always take the road lest traveled because it is so heavely fished along the road, love the area you fish though great as long as no moose around to maul you into the river bed.

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    Bloodhound: I think I know exactly which road you are talking about . When I fish the North Tongue, I usually do the same thing. Next time you are in the Bighorns, you should check out some of the canyons, I think they are more fun, although significantly harder to get to.

    Oregonsteel: Totally. I often dont even pull my line out past the end of my rod when stream fishing. The only thing is that I do want the rod to work well on lakes and bigger rivers like the Bighorn and the North Platte too.

    Thanks for the advise all, I ended up ordering a March Brown Legacy, sounds like just the ticket (other than being a little long).

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    lol thats funny, coolest place i fished out west was (I cannot for the life of me remember the name of the river) but it would have to be the hole in the wall canyon, from what i was told it was the spot that the hole in the wall gang hid from authorities after their hiest's, about a half an hour to walk/crawl down the canyon and almost twice that to get back up but the stream, the cave they supposedly hid in and the fish were just the most amazing thing ever, then at the top where you can tent camp you go up this small hill and it looks like something from the movie True Grit.

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    That is called Outlaw Canyon, which is the lower canyon of the Middle Fork of the Powder River. Shhh. We try not to tell people about that one. Definitely an exceptional place with great fishing, even for a lousy fisherman like myself. I just fished there last weekend, and caught some great action off of a stonefly hatch.

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