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Thread: 3 Rod Challenge

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    Default Re: 3 Rod Challenge

    Just keep in mind, this is your 3 rod, money is no object kit for fishing anywhere in the world, for anything you want....

    Keep the answers coming, it's gettin' good....

    Fishing the world....1 Flat at a time.....

    OH MY! OMAN! 2013
    "All I want from life is an unfair advantage" W.C. Fields

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    Default Re: 3 Rod Challenge

    I know this thread is dead, so I thought I'd bring it back. This all made me realize I already have those 3 rods, and I probably spent a total of $600 on them.
    8' 3wt Scott Eclipse for small streams and spring creeks
    10' 4wt Scott A4 for most nymphing and float tubing
    9' 6wt Scott G for big trout

    I would be sad without my 9' 3wt, 9' 4wt, and 9' 5wt but these 3 would get it done pretty much everywhere I will ever fish for trout.

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    easy for me--9', 4wt grey

    "the ox is slow, but the earth is patience"

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    Default Re: 3 Rod Challenge

    I think I would go with:

    7'8" 2pc 2wt built on an Angler's workshop Chalkstream light blank
    9' 4pc 6wt built on a Sage Z-Axis blank
    14'3" 4pc 9wt spey (to be) built on a Sage Z-axis blank

    I would miss my

    8'6" 4pc 4wt built on a St. Croix SCV blank

    the most; I'd miss it a whole bunch actually as it's probably my favorite rod. I've caught wild brook and brown trout, bream, large and smallmouth bass, and even a 28' carp on that rod.

    And I'd miss my

    6'7" 6pc 0/1wt built on a Dan Craft Sig IV blank

    almost as much, but I feel like I could get by. The Dan Craft is a great hiking rod for mountain streams, and I really enjoy the St. Croix as an all-around trout rod. I'd have to think about the waters I was fishing to decide between the 2 and 6wt, but locally I've enjoyed native brook trout fishing more than anything else, so the 2 wt would work there. I've also had a great time out west, and I feel like the 6wt would suffice for that task, while also being my warmwater stick. The southerner in me can never give up on targeting largemouth, and smallies are a sweet quarry, too.

    Finally, the spey 9wt should work for local striper and most saltwater applications that the 6wt can't handle (I'm trending towards the ultralight these days). I need to build it this winter for next spring. Until then, I have a 9' 10 weight that I can't cast near as far as I would like. If I need a heavier rod than the 9, I'll just use what the guide brings with him.

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    Default Re: 3 Rod Challenge

    if money was no option i would visit every shop i could, cast every rod i could and go from there
    i can tell you that from what i've read, the sage circa(4 weight) would be on that list.
    another may be the bvk....but this is all speculation
    the new orvis helios and trout bum rods seem to be amazing rods as well.
    so like i said, go cast the best and buy the best for you.



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    Default Re: 3 Rod Challenge

    Scott F2 6'6" 3wt - Small stream and tight quarters dry fly and light nymph. An absolute delight to cast and catch fish on.

    Sage Z-Axis 9' 5wt - Big water trout rod. Has the ability to do pretty much anything you would want to do with a trout rod and do it well. Besides huge streamers. It can cast as short as far as you want and do so with great accuracy.

    Looking to get a "light" spey rod to fill that third slot.

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    Default Re: 3 Rod Challenge

    Quote Originally Posted by chased View Post
    Looking to get a "light" spey rod to fill that third slot.
    I have not changed my answer much if at all, but I am going the opposite of light with the addition of the 17' 11wt. Thomas and Thomas. If I could have had T & T roll me an 18'er I would have. That's the biggest rod they ever made.

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    Default Re: 3 Rod Challenge

    If it were a 1-rod challenge I might go with a BIIX 8' 6" 5wt or maybe a ZXL of the same length and line rating.

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    Default Re: 3 Rod Challenge

    If I had to pick three, based on the few I have cast:

    For small streams and dries on rivers:

    7'6" 3wt. Winston Boron IIt

    For nymphing tailwaters, throwing streamers for larger bass, etc....

    9' 6wt Scott S4

    And for tarpon, tuna, etc.... I'd pick a

    A 9' 12 wt. Sage Xi3

    This is if money is no object.

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    There is just no way i could limit myself to three rods/outfits

    So for my light river gear i would have the following:

    Kabuto fibreglass with a FWX 1/3

    Scott G2 8ft 4" 4# with an FWX 3/4

    Loop Cross S1 9ft 5# with a FWX 5/6

    Marryat 10ft 3# with a FWX 3/4

    Oops there's four already and i have not even got to the lake or predator or salt stuff yet Great free online mag

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